Monday, June 18, 2007

Bar Harbor Shell Bag

Bar Harbor Shell Bag


The bag in the pine tree is not felted. The bags at the beach are felted! The picture of the bags on the rock shows the bottom of the bags.

To felt or not to felt? This will be your decision.!The knit "Bar Harbor Shell Bag" is beautiful and unique! The tessellating shells have a beautiful texture and are outlined in black for a stained glass look. The knit bag is beautiful whether you decide to felt is or not. Unfelted the bag has a rich texture and the shells seem to stand out from the black outlines. Felt the bag and the shells still have some stitch definition. This bag does not look like a typical felted bag. The bags seem to glow.

-The purple/periwinkle bag above was made with Lamb's Pride Worsted wool.
-The multi colored, green/yellow/pink/tan, bag was made with Noro "Kureyon" a beautiful variegated yarn that has colors picked by a Japanese artist. This pattern when knit and felted with Noro"Kureyon" has amazing results. The bag is firmer than other bags felted with Noro "Kureyon". The bag can also be made with other wools that felt.

Pattern Information:The bag is worked from the top down in rounds. There are 6 shells knit individually in each round and joined as you knit. The diagrams used in the pattern are actual pictures. It looks more complicated than it is and once you "get the hang" of it you will not want to put your knitting down.

Dimensions: Unfelted: 15" across, 14" tall and a 10" round bottom. Felted: 14" across, 12" tall and a 9" round bottom. The bag can be felted to a smaller size.

The knit pattern is $8.00. Please us the Paypal "Add to Cart" button above. The pattern is sent as a .pdf attachment, usually within 24 hours. ...To use a money order, check, hard copy of the pattern, or for other information e-mail
Errata: Round 12- row 6: part in parentheses should read *(p1, k2)*2x (older copies)