Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Felted Crochet Stained Glass patterns

Felted Crochet Stained Glass Flower Bag pattern $7.00
The tessellating petals are outlined in black which gives this bag a stained glass look. The bottom of the bag looks like a flower in a stained glass window.

There is a drawstring used to close the bag. When the drawstring is pulled the petals are drawn together to hold your belongings inside.
The handles are twisted cords that look like rope and there are tassels on each end. The twisted cord handles and the tassels gives the bag an added look of elegance.

It may look complicated but it’s not and once you begin crocheting you won’t want to put your work down.

You can create your own beautiful and unique “Felted Crochet Stained Glass Flower Bag”.

Dimensions: As shown: 12 ¾” tall, laying flat 15” across and a 9 ½” round bottom.

For a shorter bag, 11” tall, eliminate 1 round in the side of the bag.

The crochet pattern is send as a .pdf e-mail attachment, usually within 24 hours.

*The crochet pattern is for sale only, not a bag all made. Sorry, but there are no refunds on patterns.

Felted Stained Glass Tote crochet pattern

This bag is for all my crocheting friends!

The tesselating fans are outlined in black for a "stained glass look". Once you start crocheting you will not want to put it down!

Dimensions: 15" across and 16" from top to bottom.
This bag is beautiful and unique!

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The pattern is sent as a .pdf usually within 24 hours.

To use a check, money order, or to purchase a hard copy of the pattern and other information e-mail me at knittingdream@hotmail.com

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vegasangelbrat said...

I'm hoping for a crochet version of the stain galss window one..the black bag with the stain glass on front..Gorgeous bags!! Still only 3 fans done on this version bag, but hope to add more real soon.
Tahnk you for doing this bag in both knit and crochet!