Friday, April 20, 2007

Felted Stained Glass Fan Bag

The knit pattern is $8.00. Please, use the Paypal "Shopping Cart" button. The pattern is sent as a .pdf usually within 24 hours. To use a check, money order, for a hard copy of the pattern, or for other information e-mail me at
The "Felted Stained Glass Fan Bag" is beautiful and unique! The bags shown were made using Noro "Kureyon" which is a variegated yarn with beautiful colors variations. The bag can be made with any wool that felts. The bottom of the bag looks like a stained glass window!

It is hard to put down my knitting when I'm making one of these bags because I enjoy seeing the color changes and each bag is different. The bag is pretty before it's felted and always surprises me when they come out of the washer because the bags are even prettier than when they went in. The pattern contains instructions for 2 versions of the bag. Version 1 is taller and Version 2 is shorter. Version 1 is shown with a knit tube at the top which is optional.The bag is made from the top down in rounds. Each fan is made individually and joined as you knit. The diagrams used in the pattern are pictures. The bag looks more complicated than it is and once you get the "hang of it" you will not want to put your knitting down! No matter what brand of wool is used, each bag will be unique.

Dimensions after felting: 11"tall, 14" across and a 9" round bottom. ...Can be felted to a smaller size, 10" high, 12" across the top tapering down to 10" with a 7 1/2" round bottom.